Care Like Curtis
A Special Mission

The Care Like Curtis Foundation was organized in 2017 from the need to honor Curtis Fellows and to celebrate what would have been his 21st birthday. The 2017 event was a special experience for all those that participated and benefited from the newly organized foundation’s mission.

The Care Like Curtis Foundation has the goal of making this an annual event, using it as a vehicle upon which to help and serve others in Curtis' name. Though the event was held in 2018 and 2019 as well, only clothing and food drives were held afterwards due to the pandemic. We plan on moving forward when we can and when we do, our plans will be posted here.

Until then, we use this website as a place to remember this special event and most importantly the young man whose life served as exemplar for its mission.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve through inclusion, passion, optimism, connection, and celebration.
  • Inclusion

    Curtis included everyone. He was an advocate in a myriad of ways, from starting a No-Bullying Club, to reaching out to the homeless, to being a support to friends and community members. Care Like Curtis includes and advocates for all people.

  • Passion

    Curtis had a zest for life. He believed that every day should be lived to its fullest. Because he did everything with his whole heart, our organization seeks to inspire passion in ourselves and those who join with us in acts of service.

  • Optimism

    Curtis was positive and upbeat. He chose to see the good in people, and never said anything bad about anyone. We help people see the good in the world, thus increasing that good.

  • Connection

    Curtis was all about soul-to-soul connection. He loved to talk for hours about the deeper things in life and brought others together through formed relationships. Care Like Curtis connects individuals, families, and communities through focusing on what matters most.

  • Celebration

    Curtis seized any opportunity to make plans and gather friends. He loved hiking, soccer, and being in the center of the dance floor. When cheering on friends and teammates, his was the loudest voice in a crowd. He knew how to work hard and play hard. We seek to follow Curtis' example of celebrating the lives of others.

Yearly Photos

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