Care Like Curtis
2017 Lookback

Before anyone shares memories of Curtis, they break into a smile. Everyone who knew him considered him a friend. Curtis was the ultimate people person.

Curtis was born on July 5, 1996 and passed away suddenly on April 8, 2017. With only twenty years on earth, Curtis never established a career or trotted the globe. But Curtis loved fearlessly and formed connections that improved the world where he was.

His greatest joy came from making others happy. Curtis loved getting involved in anything that brought people together, from soccer to service projects. Curtis never settled for anything less than sincerity. He genuinely wanted to know how people were doing and took time to listen one on one. As a boy scout, activist for the homeless, and team player in his community, Curtis’s involvement inspired others to lift where they stood.

Curtis would have turned twenty-one years old this year. Those of us who were inspired by him want to do more than remember his birthday. We invite you to join us as we honor him with a day of service for each year of his life.

21 Days of Service

With 21 Days of Service, we celebrated Curtis' legacy with ideas and issues that were important to him. See how people served.


The 21 Days of Services included a daily blog, highlighting the day's task and includes many experiences by those taking part.

21st Birthday Celebration

With cake and balloons, family and friends celebrated what would have been Curtis' 21st birthday.

Video Tributes

Care Like Curtis included family and friends sharing fun stories and special memories of Curtis through video.