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Blog Post: Day 1 - Out & About

Day 1 - Out & About was all about finding ways to serve those around us while we’re out doing our regular activities. Check out what people had to say about their service opportunities on Day 1. Here are Facebook posts about our fun evening.

Blog Post: Day 2 - Elderly

Curtis had a special love for the elderly. At family gatherings he could often be found sitting with his grandparents, talking to them, and serving them. He was especially close with his grandpa Ed. When Grandpa Ed died, Curtis walked hand and hand with Ed's wife, Grandma Barbara.

Loved-ones wrote:

"We loved when Curtis and Brandon walked Grandma Barbara hand in hand to Ed's grave. Such handsome boys with their grandma. And it was Curtis's idea! He and Ed shared such a special bond. They are together now!" - LARRY, LESLIE, BRANDON, AND MATTHEW

Blog Post: Day 3 - Government

Curtis loved serving and helping those in the government. He was kind to the mail carriers who came to his door. He was active in his Boy Scout troop and earned his Eagle Scout award before he turned 14. He originally planned for his Eagle project to center around soccer, but then the Haiti earthquake took place, and he changed his mind. Curtis saw a need and wanted to help. He decided to make hygiene kits for the Haiti survivors and organized the entire project. Here are some cool ways that others served their government!

Blog Post: Day 4 - Sick & Afflicted

Curtis knew how to help people in their times of need, and he knew life was about answering the prayers of others. He was not only sensitive to the physical pains of this world, but the emotional and mental as well. He was a kind friend who took time to listen and check in with others. He would sit on people's beds for hours and talk to them about their deepest concerns and desires. He knew how to love. Here is what some of the people who loved him wrote about him:

"Curtis was a wonderful friend. I remember him taking me to get ice cream post wisdom teeth. He always tried to make sure I was okay." -BROOKLIN

"Curtis always knew how to make me and everyone around him happy. He was an incredible listener." -SOPHIE GARDNER

"Never once did he let me down as a friend. He would always send me texts to check in on me." -KENZIE CURTIS

"Curtis always made everyone feel like a million bucks. He knew just what to say to make someone feel cared for." -AMY ADAMSON

In other words, Curtis understood what inspired leaders have always taught:

"In the end, the number of prayers we say may contribute to our happiness, but the number of prayers we answer may be of even greater importance. Let us open our eyes and see the heavy hearts, notice the loneliness and despair; let us feel the silent prayers of others around us, and let us be an instrument in the hands of the Lord to answer those prayers. Because often times those who bring sunshine to the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves." ~ Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Blog Post: Day 5 - School

We all love Curtis for many reasons, and one of those reasons was that he was funny and full of life. He LOVED clothes and was obsessed with them from a young age. When his sister would come home to visit for holidays, he would give her a big hug and then step back and say "Katie, how do you think I look?"

Here is one of our favorite memories about Curtis in school shared by an elementary school friend.

"Curtis, one of my favorite and oldest memories I have of you is back in elementary school. He would always come up to me and ask me "How do I look?" "How's my outfit?" We would always laugh and joke about what new shoes you should get, or what you should do better next time you wore that shirt. We always had so much fun talking about clothes!" -ALLIE MILLERBERG

As much as Curtis loved clothes, he didn't love them more then people. He was sensitive to others' experience at school. In middle school he gathered a group of friends and asked a teacher if they could create a "No Bullying" club. They got wrist bands that they passed out to other students, and they even created a bullying box where students could write down anonymously what was happening to them or to someone they knew. Curtis supported underdogs and befriended everyone he met.

Blog Post: Day 6 - Family

Curtis loved his family. He was their biggest fan. He started going to his sibling’s soccer games only 3 days after he was born and, if he could help it, he never missed a game. Curtis has 6 nieces and nephews who he loved and adored. Watch these videos to see what they have to say about him. And grab a tissue because it's absolutely adorable!

Blog Post: Day 7 - Safety

Curtis was an advocate for safety. His first job growing up was a soccer referee. He made sure that players were safe and played fair. After he stopped refereeing, he became a security guard for the Pepperwood gated community. His mom likes to joke that he was the real-life version of Paul Blart, the Mall Cop. The Pepperwood community loved seeing his face. A community member wrote:

"Nothing was better than seeing Curtis at Pepperwood gate! He always had the biggest smile and would talk to us until there was a line!" -MEG MERRILL

Curtis knew how to make everything he did about more. He wasn't just a security guard; he was their friend.

Blog Post: Day 8 - Sports & Performing Arts

Curtis loved soccer and taught lessons of kindness through it:

"You are such an inspiration to me. You taught me how to 'love the enemy', or in this case the other team. I'll never forget you play. You came to all of the games, home and away. You were by far our biggest supporter." -KERA MORGAN

"I know you are scoring millions of goals up there, and any time I play a game I will be a player for you!" -CAROLINE & ANDREW

Blog Post: Day 9 - Mental Health

Curtis was not perfect, and like most of us experienced his own dark days. However, he used those moments to better empathize with others. Curtis was sensitive to the needs of those around them. If he was in a group and found an individual who didn't want to participate, he would sit with them for hours and talk. He often sent texts, made phone calls, and wrote letters to those he cared for. He believed in everyone, and with that belief others were lifted.

Here is a memory that was shared about Curtis listening, loving, and serving no matter the need.

"Curtis, you beautiful soul. My favorite memory of you is when I had a hard night, and you took me to see the blood red moon. We were walking back, and I said it was dark, you pulled out a lighter, lit it, and said 'That's when you need to find the light, if you can't find it, be it.” -MATTISEN B.

Blog Post: Day 10 - Neighborhood Enhancement

Curtis loved his neighborhood family! He was always willing to reach out to others that were new to the neighborhood or who needed some extra help. One couple explained that Curtis was the reason that they moved back to Utah. When deciding whether to move, they visited Utah and saw Curtis. They explained that his smiling happy face was exactly what they needed to make the decision. This was not only reflected in Curtis, but his dad Robert.

Robert spends many hours a week helping to serve those in his neighborhood. He helps mow & edge, fix sprinklers, help move, and much more. What a great example they both are!

Blog Post: Day 11 - Parents

On this day we are honoring parents. Whether it was your own parents or someone else's parents, it was the perfect time to slow things down and show your love for them. We are grateful for parents who taught their children to serve and make a difference.

Here is a helpful son, doing service for his mama and helping unload the dishwasher while wearing his favorite shirt!

Blog Post: Day 12 - Positivity

"Curtis always smiled and made everyone feel part of life.

"We will never forget this fun, awesome, young man! His smile was contagious, and we will miss him forever!"

"I'll always remember those late night talks we had. You always left me with a new perspective and wise words to think about. You're the one that can make anyone feel their best just by smiling." -DANIELLE J.

Blog Post: Day 13 - Animals

When Curtis was in the 8th grade, he spent hours on the corner with a lady selling a dog. He would call his dad, Robert, every hour to beg for him to buy it. After many conversations, Robert finally gave in and came to look at the dog Curtis wanted. Robert fell in love but decided to think about it overnight.

The woman selling the dog said that she fell in love with Curtis and knew that if the dog went to him, she would be loved. She set the dog aside for the night to let Robert decide. Curtis's wish came true. In the morning they had a dog and named her Sadie.

Sadie has been Robert and Curtis's buddy since that day. Sadie would fall asleep in Curtis's parent's room and then get up when Curtis came home and sleep with him. She always knew when he entered the door and rushed to be by his side.

After Curtis died, Sadie was very distraught. She stopped eating and refused to leave the house. However, as time went on Sadie began to improve. She still looks towards his room when asked about Curtis, and she still sleeps with his blanket. She continues to be adored by Robert and her Fellows family.

Blog Post: Day 14 - Neighbors

Here's a story about Curtis welcoming new people in his neighborhood! How have you helped your neighbors?

"I can't stop thinking about the day my family moved to Sandy, Utah. My Aunt introduced my sisters to me and to Curtis & Andrew and they became our very best friends. We've had so many good times; fort wars, night games, playing Harry Potter, making a band, and playing boys against girls soccer day in and day out. Curtis was the manager of my very first business where we hot glued beads together to make little people and sold them at recess to our friends. He was so passionate about life, and he loved and cared for his friends so much. When I didn't make the soccer team, he practiced with me to help me get better and was always there to support me. There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't see Curtis and Andrew. A picture of Curtis has been hanging on our family's refrigerator for what feels like forever. Curtis was out brother. He was kind, funny, creative, protective, and giving." -MANDA C.

Blog Post: Day 15 - Random

Check out these random stories that show the love and kindness Curtis had for all! He was full of life and knew how to make anything fun!

We have had an amazing number of pictures, emails, and stories sent to us about Care Like Curtis. We love hearing your stories!! Here are some of our favorite stories so far. Read about what others are doing to serve wherever they are. We hope that it will inspire you as much as it has inspired us!

We love this baseball team from Sandy, UT. Against all odds they were able to go to Regionals in California. They were a true Cinderella team and asked for Care Like Curtis shirts for their team picture! They are some of our biggest supporters of Care Like Curtis and we are proud of them! As they have been traveling across the U.S., they have found ways to serve. They left candy in a hospital, bought lunch for a military man, bought parking tickets for those visiting the beach, and much more! They even created gift bags for the other teams that had Care Like Curtis bracelets! This week players from Hawaii, Arizona, California, and Southern Utah are wearing the bracelets and supporting our cause! We have loved hearing about their experiences! Here are some pictures from their random acts of service!

A few days ago, we got an email from Ashton W. who wrote, "We received this at a redbox in draper! Just wanted to say we support your cause and myself and my gf will be returning this random kindness with some of our own! Good luck with your mission!" It is exciting to hear from those on the other end and we are thrilled that Ashton and his girlfriend will be joining our cause!

Here is a picture that he sent:

Others are wearing Care Like Curtis Shirts & getting creative about how they serve! Here are some pictures that we received about different ways that others are spreading the words about Care Like Curtis and serving as they go!

Blog Post: Day 16 - Children

"Curtis, you have always been so sweet to me. Thank you for teaching me how to read in 3rd grade. You were the only reading buddy I had that truly pushed me to do better." -JESSICA S.

"I have loved being involved with #carelikecurtis , but what I love even more is getting pictures like these (see below) and hearing people's stories. Today my sisters encouraged their children to serve. Gavin (8 years old) served his family by cleaning up after lunch, so the server didn't have to. Millie (5 years old) handed out Care Like Curtis Cards and money to kids so that they could get ice cream. One little girl was so happy that she hugged Millie. Some of the pictures are blurry, but these moments are priceless and will always stand out in my mind. I love to see Care Like Curtis being spread all over the nation!" -LOUCI H.

Blog Post: Day 17 - Environment

Day 17 was a busy day for us here at Care Like Curtis! We had 2 separate events. One that took place in the morning for adults. The adults met at the Draper Cemetery and worked to clean up graves. Some of the graves couldn't even be seen because of the overgrow of weeds.

Our team was able to clean over 30 graves, and participants are already planning on a future visit to clean up more graves! We are grateful for the Draper Cemetery and all that they did to make this event possible. It was a great way to enhance and appreciate our environment.

Here are some pictures from our event:

In the evening the young adults met up for pizza and a hike to one of Curtis's favorite spots. Curtis loved to hike and to enjoy nature. He would often take long drives with his friends to favorite spots where they would stay up all night talking about life. We were honored to have some of Curtis's closest friends and favorite hiking buddies with us.

We hiked Suncrest, where we planted a Care Like Curtis flag. The flag had the outline of our hands and our names. We each pledged to honor Curtis by living the legacy of kindness and service that he left behind. It was an incredible experience, and we are grateful for all that joined us!

Blog Post: Day 18 - Special Needs

Curtis served in a variety of ways throughout his life. He was incredibly skilled in knowing what others around him needed. He was always ready with a smile and a helping hand no matter who the person was or where they came from. This was true for those with special needs as well.

Curtis was no afraid to offer help, even if he was unfamiliar with the person or situation. He was a friend to all, and when he offered support and didn't get it right the first time, he tried again.

"Curtis came and sat by me while we ate. One of the first things he said to me was how proud he was of me for my service in the Marines, and how he felt that the Marines are so much tougher than all other military branches. Once I told him that I was never in the Marines, and that I had served as a Paratrooper in the Army, our discussion quickly changed. Curtis, being the man that he was, didn't feel embarrassed or apologize. Instead, he asked me about my time in the Army and everything about being a Paratrooper. We must have talked for at least two hours, and by the end he told me that I was tougher than any Marine. Just one of the thousands of examples of his character!" - DANNY J.

Curtis taught us that it's okay to not get it right the first time, but that the most important thing was to try to connect with others. We are grateful for his example and the chance we had today to help those with special needs!

Blog Post: Day 19 - Sunshine Day

When people talk about Curtis, they most mention two things - his smile and how genuine he was. Curtis brought sunshine to others on a daily basis. When he saw other people, his face would light up. That is what he is remembered best for. Sunshine Day was important for us to include in our 21 Days of Acts of Kindness because it was a day to do what Curtis did best- smile and really talk to others.

In our minds Curtis will always be the boy who went the extra mile. The boy who reached out to strangers, and who asked a million questions because he was genuinely interested in how you were doing. He will be the boy who made friends wherever he went and brought smiles to faces. When we remember Curtis, we remember sunshine.

"I will always remember Curtis from the time years ago that we were waiting at the light by Harmon's, when the light turned green out popped Curtis through the back window of the car in front of us waving with that huge grin of his. Made our day!! That's how I choose to think of him now, waving with both arms as he takes off on his new adventure!" -RON & CINDI

Some lucky recipient received this fun gift basket for sunshine day. This would brighten anyone's day!

Blog Post: Day 20 - Gratitude

We spent Day 20 reaching out to those who have served us, and we learned some amazing stories! Here are a few!

"For 21 days, my sister and family have honored my nephew's love of service. I want to share something about my sister, Curtis' mom. Look closely at this beautiful shirt. I know she loved it dearly. She may not know but for the last 4 years I have had custody of 2 of my grandchildren, which has been a blessing. But I had to make sacrifices to do things like buy them school clothes and supplies, so it meant no new clothes for me. Loisann went through her closet and gave me an entire wardrobe that I am able to wear to school. It was and is the most amazing show of love and service. I am so excited to wear these awesome clothes." -KENDRA R.


Blog Post: Day 21 - Homeless

It is impossible to explain all of our thoughts and feelings on this final day, however if we had to pick one word it would be grateful. We are grateful for the support and love that we have felt through Care Like Curtis. We are grateful for all those that joined and all those that followed along. We are grateful for the donations, time, and energy spent by so many to make this all possible, and we are grateful for acts of kindness each of you have done to help make this world a better place.

On the final day of our One Man's Mission- 21 Days, we met to collect donations and put together kits for families in shelters. We were so thrilled to see all those that joined, and the incredible number of items donated. We also made blankets for families in the shelters to help them feel safe and secure. Children and adults worked to make cards of encouragement and to draw pictures to give to the elderly, homeless, and veterans.