What started it all
Blog Post #1

When people ask about Care Like Curtis, we like to tell them it was born overnight. This isn’t true, but it did all start with a simple idea. Curtis’ family wanted to do a small service project in honor of his birthday. But there were many outside Curtis’ family who were moved by his example -- they, too, wanted to be involved. We quickly realized that one small service project was limiting. Through a series of meetings and communications with Curtis' community, it became clear that the original project was going to be bigger than we ever imagined. Care Like Curtis was created for everyone affected by Curtis -- to unite us in living the legacy that he left.

Care Like Curtis was officially built in three weeks. This was made possible by countless individuals, for whom we are extremely grateful. We so appreciate the community outreach we have seen. It's been amazing to see what some have created in three weeks, and we are excited to see what continues to happen for communities and Care Like Curtis. Here you will find information about that growth. We will be updating our blog posts daily to share highlights from each day, footage of our group events, stories of Curtis, and the impact that 21 days of service has on all of us.

Follow along and add to our journey by sharing your own experiences using #carelikecurtis.Feel free to post comments to our blog and let us know about your own daily experiences.