Special Thanks

The Fellows Family would like to thank those that worked tirelessly to make Care Like Curtis - 21 Days a reality.

Founder and President

Louci Hodgkiss

Co-Founder and Vice President

Loisann Fellows

Committee Members

Lichelle Bain, Sharlene Oborn, Tamara Thueson, Kristie Ahlstrom, Lisa Davis, Cheryl Awerkamp, Amy Labrum, and Lori Barton

Young Adult Committee

Taylor Sampson, Bubba Godinet, Haylee Eskelson, Marshall Dimond, Sam Corbett, Caroline Corbett, and Taylor Sorenson

Website Donation

Bill and Leslie Hodgkiss

Website Development

Louci Hodgkiss and Mary Schmidt


Nicole Hilton

Video and Social Media

Taylor Sampson

Logo Design

Natalie Jones


Megan McLean, Lauryn Judd, Kenz Hall, Brittany Eldridge, and family

Sound Equipment

Jesse Clayton and Andrew Nokes of Blackbear Productions

T-Shirt Design

Sheila Myntti

T-Shirt Production

Todd Tuttle of Tutt's Pacs, Inc.

Festival of Trees

Shelley Hunter and Nadine Knight